The Primary Use Of Clinker Is To Manufacture Cement. Clinker Is A Nodular Material Produced In the Kilning Stage during the Production of Cement and Is Used As the Binder in Many Cement Products. The Lumps Or Nodules Of Clinker Are Usually Of Diameter 3-25 mm And Dark Grey In Color. Clinker Is Produced Inside The Kiln During The Cement Manufacturing Process. Raw Mix Is Heated And Then Rapidly Cooled To Produce The Marble-Sized Pellets Of Clinker.


The Composition of a Typical Good Quality Clinker for General Use: 37-72% of 3Cao.Sio2; 6-47% 2Cao.Sio2; 2-20% 2cao.Al2o3; 2-19% 4Cao. Al2o3.Fe2o3.



  1. Sulfate Resistant Clinker
  2. Low Heat Clinker
  3. White Clinker
  4. Low-alkali Clinker
  5. Belite Calcium Sulfoaluminate Ternsite (BCT)

We Import Best Quality Clinker From China, India, Oman, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and from various country.