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FAQs about Full Fat Soybean Meal: Normal Soybean Meal=Non-de-hulled Soybean meal Hi Pro meal= (Max Pro) =De-hulled Soybean meal FFS=Full Fat Soybean Meal.


Full-fat soybean meal, made from whole soybeans. It has a high metabolizable energy concentration. Soybean prior to oil extraction is referred to as Full Fat Soybean. Full Fat Soybean meal is an adequately heat processed whole soybean. It contains complete amount of oil and protein naturally present in soybeans.


Soya is the most important protein source in the world. The soya seeds are de-hulled and heat treated either by steam followed, potentially, by extrusion, toasting, micronising or jet sploding to produce a high oil, high protein product. Used commonly in young animal rations, its usage depends on the combined cost of soya meal and soya bean oil. The heat from processing reduces the levels of anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) which would otherwise reduce protein digestion. It also break down the plant cell wall, making it more easily digested.