Agro Base Raw Materials


(Dry Fat Powder) is a pure vegetable fat derived through several processing steps from non-GMO Palm Oil. Its consists of predominantly long-chain saturated fatty acids which makes it resistant to fast oxidation and spoilage. The high melting point of approximately 58ºC gives it high rumen by-pass qualities and it is nearly completely absorbed in the small intestine.


(Dry Fat Powder) has a very high energy content, and combined with its high digestibility as well as the outstanding technological qualities of a spray-dried fat powder, it is also recommended for use as an energy-rich supplement in pig & poultry diets.



  • Increasing meat production and improving meat quality.
  • Increase milk production for dairy cows
  • Shorten fattening time and increase weight gain rate.
  • Improvement of feed utilization.
  • Prevent the foot and mouth disease.
  • Increase the milk Production for dairy cow.