Company History of P&P Enterprise

Necessity for competitive development has become an overwhelming demand among the business organization including the development practitioners in Bangladesh since few decades. The problem has become even stronger that any political assurance can radically change consent overnight. In this circumstance we, M/S. P & P Enterprise are providing best quality of raw material and consultancy services in different sector according to the demand of customers with high satisfaction which will contribute to increase GDP in Bangladesh.

M/S. P & P Enterprise has been established to create a new dimension not only in Bangladesh but also the raw materials supply chain of various foreign countries. A group of experienced professionals of trading sector have committed to provide comprehensive shore to shore and end to end Construction material and agro commodity supply throughout Bangladesh, as well as foreign countries. Stone aggregates, Rock Bolder, Limestone, Coal, Ceramic raw materials and heavy duty industry materials are our main business and we also supply Pet Bottle Scrap (Dried) for PSF Industry. Though we have long experience in trade sector. We are already engaged and supply of stone aggregates, limestone, rock bolders, and ceramic raw material in different local and international industries/contractors.

Currently we are sourcing and import Stone Aggregate (Origin: UAE, India), Coal (Origin: Indonesia & South Africa), Bitumen (Origin: UAE), Ceramic raw materials (Potash Feldspar, Soda Feldspar, Ball Clay, China Clay etc. Origin: UAE, Oman & India), Feed raw materials (wheat, Yellow maiz, DDGS, CGM, Fish meal, poultry meal etc. Origin: USA, India) and these are all using in country’s well infrastructure development, agro based industry and to the other industries.

Our continued investment in modernization, efficient logistics and trading intelligence provides a superior solution to the Bangladesh industry. Our unique knowledge of, and commitment to working in partnership with, local customers and clients in international markets provides a service offering that reduces risk and increases efficiency for the Bangladesh market. This combination of our local footprint and a global network established over decades of international commodity trading, mean ITC expertise, knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry.

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