P&P Chem is a division of P&P Enterprise.  P&P Chem is a leading Importer of various types of Reactive Dyes in Bangladesh. We offer our clients the best quality products that are available on the market today. P&P Chem has been importing from many countries and has an excellent network of clients and partner all over the globe.


We believe in quality, excellence and consistency.  We are committed to provide best product, service and solutions to exceed our client’s expectation. Our team of qualified professionals is passionate force to reckon and proud about what they do. Our experience which has enable us become one of the most prefer enterprise among clients who need high qualities dyes for various applications like textile, ink, inkjet etc.


P&P Chem is headed by qualified professionals with experience from of decades. We ensure the high quality end products and free flow of dyeing and printing applications.


It is our responsibility as a brand to ensure that our processes and products are safe for the consumer, the environment, and the society. That is why responsibility is our first core value.

Silicone softener for all substrates

Silicone Softener For Cotton

It is a speciality hydrophilic silicone softener which gives soft and silky handle

Silicone Softener For All Substrates

Highly concentrated speciality silicone which give inner softness and surface smoothness

sq Cationic softener for cotton

Cationic Softener For Cotton

Imparts surface smoothness and supple handle, Gives bulkiness and lubricity

Enzymatic Desizing agent

Highly Effective Thermal Stable liquid desiring Enzyme for removal starch

Bioscouring Agent

To Neutralize the alkali present in core of textile at pretreatment process


To Neutralize the alkali present in core of textile at pretreatment process.