We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the best provider in terms of strategies, Supply, Services Consultancy and support to activate for client long term commercial benefits, based upon our client’s key business requirements. We aim to position ourselves as one of the worlds – class organization in the Construction and Supply sector, in all site sector and distribution as well as through multi construction components and materials. The development of strategies should be economical, efficient, durable and flexible to allow the organization to respond rapidly to both market and customer needs.


The hallmark of M/S P&P Enterprise mission is continuous commitment to value addition, customer satisfaction, low cost and best quality control.

Our Vision

We are committed to become the most reliable and innovative supplier in the industry as our name the leader. Therefore our vision is to improve in the continual motion, in the sectors we operate- Construction and Supply sector in Bangladesh -creating a better tomorrow. We focus on environmental stewardship, activities to benefits society, saving lives, protecting properties and a commitment to build shareholder value by making. To source the quality materials, make cost effective solution and on time delivery. Our focus in area of
Construction & strong Supply control along with total Construction and Supply solutions
nationally and beyond.

Our History

M/S. P & P Enterprise has been established to create a new dimension not only in Bangladesh but also the raw materials supply chain of various foreign countries. A group of experienced professionals of trading sector have committed to provide comprehensive shore to shore and end to end Construction material and agro commodity supply throughout Bangladesh, as well as foreign countries. Stone aggregates, Rock Bolder, Limestone, Coal, Ceramic raw materials and heavy duty industry materials are our main business and we also supply Pet Bottle Scrap (Dried) for PSF Industry. Though we have long experience in trade
sector. We are already engaged and supply of stone aggregates, limestone, rock bolders, and ceramic raw material in different local and international industries/contractors.

Currently we are sourcing and import Stone Aggregate (Origin: UAE, India), Coal (Origin: Indonesia & South Africa), Bitumen (Origin: UAE), Ceramic raw materials (Potash Feldspar, Soda Feldspar, Ball Clay, China Clay etc. Origin: UAE, Oman & India), Feed raw materials (wheat, Yellow maiz, DDGS, CGM, Fish meal, poultry meal etc. Origin: USA, India) and these are all using in country’s well infrastructure development, agro based industry and to the other industries.

Our continued investment in modernization, efficient logistics and trading intelligence
provides a superior solution to the Bangladesh industry. Our unique knowledge of, and
commitment to working in partnership with, local customers and clients in international
markets provides a service offering that reduces risk and increases efficiency for the
Bangladesh market. This combination of our local footprint and a global network established
over decades of international commodity trading, mean ITC expertise, knowledge and
experience is unparalleled in the industry.

We are optimists who love to work together

As a trading house M/S. P&P Enterprise has accessed to import and supply for- Stone Aggregates, Coal, Limestone and Feed Raw Materials in Bangladesh. We are able to give smooth logistic assistance and bulk supply to the buyer as per buyers requirement.



Since 2005 as our establishment we are the pioneer stone aggregates, Limestone and agro commodity bulk supply provider in Bangladesh. We can provide the external assistance of any operation and logistic support with moving equipment mobilization contractor to the respective buyers. The establishment of M/S. P&P Enterprise is as under the law of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Act.



As a business importer, trader and supplier we have professional experience in local market trade and supply to our different clients and industries. So it is easy to facilitate good products to our valued clients at minimal rate of our sourcing and complete sourcing support.

We welcome to you to business with us and serve at a large opportunity of business.


Mr. Pinaki Das, CEO & Owner